Definitions for "Deadlines"
Keywords:  dfes, lea, forget, orderly, enacted
The dates by which bills must be introduced, heard and enacted. Established by the Constitution, and by Joint, Assembly, and Senate Rules. Delegated Authority Power granted by the Legislature to a State agency to implement and/or enforce a statute, including the power to adopt regulations.
Dates by which you must take certain actions. Deadlines are set to allow students, faculty, and offices to proceed with the business of education in an orderly manner.
Usually too short for the translator, and too long for the client. But this latter should not forget that the translator does not have one client alone, and that he or she must first complete work in progress... You can help a translator to respect deadlines by informing him or her in advance of work you will be sending, and by supplying the source text on the scheduled date.
In all overviews and checklists, the final deadline is displayed next to the red deadline symbol. If the deadline for a particular service has expired, a black symbol will appear in the overview; this means that the availability of this service can no longer be guaranteed. Contact the person named at the top of the order form.
Existing substances will be phased into REACH over 11 years, with the highest tonnage levels to be phased in first.