Definitions for "Standby"
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A passenger who does not have a confirmation on a flight and is allowed to board only after the confirmed passengers have been seated.
A passenger on a waitlist for a seat; usually holding a ticket on a reduced fare.
Class of air passengers who hold tickets that do not allow for advanced reservations (standby fares), or are waiting for available seats.
An understudy who does not have a role in a show but can step into one or more roles should the opportunity arise. Being a standby can be lucrative and relaxing, but it can also be frustrating and unfulfilling--and nerve-wracking, if a standby unexpectedly has to go on
ready for emergency use; "a standby generator"; "a standby crew"
(1) UPS technology where power is applied to the load directly from the utility under normal operation, but switched to the inverter and battery for emergency support (offline topology). (2) A condition of equipment that permits complete resumption of stable operations within a short span of time. (3) A druplicate set of equipment to be used if a primary unit becomes unusable because of malfunction.
A term for equipment used only in emergencies or, in the case of pumping units in a pumping station, on a rotational basis for uniformity of wear and for maintenance purposes.
Method of putting controller into the idle mode.
an OpenWorkbench protocol in which devices are loaded and running but signals are not being acquired and saved to disk. This mode allows the user to modify parameter values through OpenController.
A state in which your computer consumes less power when it is idle, but remains available for immediate use. While your computer is on standby, information in computer memory is not saved on your hard disk. If there is an interruption in power, the information in memory is lost.
something that can be relied on when needed
The number of hours the handset can be removed from the base unit before charging is required.
The time the phone can be left off the charger (when not in use) before needing a recharge
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A physical interface that is not used to carry data traffic unless some other physical interface has failed.
In the High Availability feature of SANergy, the computer which monitors the MDC and takes over its functions if the MDC fails.
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The lenght of time a mobile phone battery will retain its charge with the mobile phone switched on but not making or receiving calls.
Period when a phone is on but not in use on a call.
See power off.
Stand-by Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) without LAN monitoring port
To minimize PC power usage while not being used
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To standby for further orders or to get a standby for your watch or duty by swapping or you owed it to the other fellow.
Advertising space scheduled to run within a guaranteed window of time for a substantial discount off the open rate.
an actor able to replace a regular performer when required
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a database set up on a second server and to which logs are applied ie