Definitions for "Springer"
Keywords:  voussoir, impost, arch, skew, rests
The impost, or point at which an arch rests upon its support, and from which it seems to spring.
The bottom stone of an arch, which lies on the impost. The skew back is one form of springer.
horizontal voussoir at start of arch, also known as "skew backs."
a can the end of which will bulge slightly after a time, but on opening there is found neither gas nor spoilage, though the cans have the appearance of being swells
a can the ends of which are more or less bulged, owing to the pressure of hydrogen gas generated by chemical action of the acid on the contents of the metal of the container, or because the can has been overfilled or insufficiently exhausted
a can whose ends are more or less bulged, owing to pressure from hydrogen generated as a result of the chemical action of the contents on the metal of the container, or because the can was overfilled or insufficiently exhausted
Keywords:  spaniel, wavy, silky, liver, coat
A variety of the field spaniel. See Spaniel.
a large spaniel with wavy silky coat usually black or liver and white
Keywords:  grampus
The grampus.
The Springer (Complete name: Mittlerer Ladungsträger Springer, Sd.Kfz. 304) is a demolition vehicle of the German Wehrmacht in WW2.
A Springer is a particular Harley-Davidson model in the Softail family. It is characterized by a front fork that uses springs and a shock instead of a telescopic fork. Nowdays, a Springer generally refers to a front-fork that uses springs to absorb shocks. Springers have historically been more for show than actually for performance - that is until now. The Rolling Thunder Springer has been professionally engineered and tested to ensure it will deliver an unbelievable performance.
Springer is the 2003 debut EP by the Danish group Efterklang. They self-released it on their Rumraket label in 2003, employing the do-it-yourself aesthetic by making 500 copies packaged in fake white fur. It was later released worldwide by The Leaf Label in April 2005.
Springer (Sprung in Japan) is a fictional character from the Transformers universe. He is a green Autobot Triplechanger who can transform into both a car and a helicopter.
Keywords:  springbok, antelope, species
A species of antelope; the springbok.
construction formed by jointives or very close girders, interposed between a metal element heavily loaded with its foundation, to distribute regularly the load to transfer to the foundation.
Keywords:  gbb, sniper, winter, weapon, secondary
a must as a secondary weapon for a sniper during the winter, buy regardless save up and buy a gbb
an American thingy specially designed for exercising dogs from a bicycle at a pace they are naturally comfortable with
Keywords:  abutment, groined, vaulting, rib, solid
The rib of a groined vault, as being the solid abutment for each section of vaulting.
A term commonly associated with female cattle showing signs of advanced pregnancy. Often used to refer to heifers close to term with their first calf.
Keywords:  rouses, game, one
One who, or that which, springs; specifically, one who rouses game.
Keywords:  hoards, summer, arrives, worker, main
A summer worker who arrives before the main hoards.
Keywords:  pistol, trigger, slide, pull, cock
pistol where you cock back the slide, then pull trigger
Keywords:  cow, birth
a cow about to give birth
A horse whose price shortens dramatically, each new quotation being taken up.
Keywords:  young, plant
A young plant.