Definitions for "Sprung"
Keywords:  cundieff, tisha, paula, torry, parker
Sprung is a 1997 comedy film, written and directed by Rusty Cundieff. This film stars Tisha Campbell-Martin, Joe Torry, and Paula Jai Parker. It grossed $7,575,028 at the US box office.
Keywords:  bent, nib, clip, deformed, tension
describes a nib or clip that has been bent out of shape by application of excessive pressure or tension
Said of a metal part (typically a point or a clip) that has been bent past its elastic limit and permanently deformed.
Keywords:  imp, spring
imp. & p. p. of Spring.
Keywords:  shaken, see
See shaken.
Keywords:  crack, spar, split, strained, twisted
Said of a spar that has been cracked or strained.
A book that is separated from its binding, follows "starting," "cracking," and "split."
Split or twisted
The book has a weakened spine, pages beginning to come loose
a deep piercing that begins under the tongue and emerges underneath the chin
Escaped (from prison) with outside assistance.