Definitions for "TRUMEAU"
Keywords:  lintel, portal, pillar, doorway, reims
doorpost supporting lintel
A central pier dividing a wide doorway, used to support the lintel; in medieval churches, trumeaux were frequently decorated with sculpture.
Stone pillar or column supporting the tympanum of a portal at its center (fig.3, E). [ Fig.6: Drawing of the nave at Reims cathedral showing the clerestory, triforium, and the nave arcades ( after M.Alexander, 2003)].
Keywords:  louis, mirror, ornamental, panel, xvi
A form of two-part mirror frame in which an ornamental panel is featured above the mirrored glass.
The decorative treatment of the space over a mantel, door, or window consisting of a mirror or painting. Specifically, the over mantel panel treatment of the Louis XV and Louis XVI periods.
Translated as "arched glass" a trumeau is a mirror set within a decorative painted panel.