Definitions for "Silky "
Of or pertaining to silk; made of, or resembling, silk; silken; silklike; as, a silky luster.
Hence, soft and smooth; as, silky wine.
Covered with soft hairs pressed close to the surface, as a leaf; sericeous.
A ghostly form commonly reported along the border separating Scotland and England, the 'silky' is a female ghost clad in rustling silk clothing, which sometimes performs domestic chores after the homeowners have retired to bed. This ghostly form is also reputed to terrify lazy servants and household staff members who are negligent in their duties.
A female ghost which is attired in a rustling silk garment (sometimes seen, other times just heard) and performs domestic chores for a household after the occupants have retired for the night.
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Silky is a secure chat client using the SILC protocol. It's OS-independent and uses the GTK toolkit.
Silky is a secure chat client for SILC protocol. The code is written in C and the GUI is implemented using the GTK toolkit. Supported operating systems include Linux and Windows.
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a little longer in the body than tall at the shoulders but a Yorkie is about the same length in the body as it is at the shoulder, giving it a more square shape