Definitions for "Splitting"
a defence mechanism in which someone who can't cope with ambivalent feelings about others compartmentalizes those people as all good or all bad.
Involves dissociating positive and negative aspect of oneself and others, and compartmentalizing them into "all good" or "all bad" images. People who use splitting see themselves and others in black-and-white terms, dividing the world into "good guys" and "bad guys." Term also used when a resident asks one staff person for something, then goes to another staff person if answer is not what he or she wanted.
A mental mechanism in which the self or others are reviewed as all good or all bad, with failure to integrate the positive and negative qualities of self and others into cohesive images. Often the person alternately idealizes and devalues the same person. From a psychoanalytic point of view, splitting is fundamental to borderline personality disorder, and underlies the dramatic shifts in the person's experience of self and others and their difficulty in finding a stable adaptation to life.
In resource scheduling, it is possible to specify that an activity may be split if this results in an earlier scheduled finish date. This means that the specified duration may be divided into two or more pieces, while retaining the specified profile for resource requirement s relative to this split duration. [D01881] WST
the setting of one person or group against another, usually for the purposes of maintaining power ("divide & conquer"), or by acoa's as a survival strategy
The tendency of some philologists to divide languages and language families into many different smaller sub-groups.
PICTURE: Still from PANL film "Handling of Salted Codfish". ] Final step of cleaning cod for salting: involves splitting the fish to the tail, and cutting out a good portion of the back or sound bone, opening the fish for salting and drying.
a reaction to stress
The breaking open of an undercoat or topcoat into long cracks resembling the look of a "dry river bottom".
Term used for respooling heavier SPOOLS spools into two or more lighter ones to provide necessary number for strander cradles
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resembling a sound of violent tearing as of something ripped apart or lightning splitting a tree; "the tree split with a great ripping sound"; "heard a rending roar as the crowd surged forward"
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See Delamination.
The reduction of leather thickness over a large area – usually done on a machine.
Cutting leather into two or more layers prepatory to tanning.
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splitting the penis from the glans toward the base.
A player has the option to split card when he/she possess two matching cards. The cards are split and an additional bet must be placed for the second hand. The player’s chances can increase and they may win a significant amount from this technique.
In blackjack, when the player's first two cards are equal (e.g. 2,2 or Q,Q), he can split the pair and then draw more cards in order to better the dealer on each hand seperately. The player must double the original bet.
Whereas shaping is oriented towards the cash amount involved in a transaction, splitting refers to the availability of securities on settlement day. Splitting is a prerequisite for buyer elections on partial holdings of a transaction. It may facilitate the splitting of securities deliveries. The split order is usually entered by a delivering party with insufficient securities holdings.
A Briefcase command that separates the copy of the file inside Briefcase from the copy outside Briefcase.
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See Partitioning.
Division of a line into two portions by a non inked portions parallel to the line
Sectioning a metal bar into two or even three parts, each of which is worked separately.