Definitions for "Dipping"
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The act or process of immersing.
The practice of taking snuff by rubbing the teeth or gums with a stick or brush dipped in snuff.
Immersion of fresh grapes in an oil emulsion, which increases the rate of drying of the grapes.
A means for saluting with a hand carried flag. The flag staff is lowered to an almost horizontal position so that the flag nearly touches the ground, then it is returned briskly to its original position.
a method of saluting using a hand-held flag. The flagstaff is brought down to an almost horizontal level, with the flag almost trailing the ground, then raised smartly back to its original position. Most only see this on one occasion: the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games.
The custom of lowering a flag briefly to honour an important person, another vessel, etc.
The process of cleaning or brightening sheet metal or metalware, esp. brass, by dipping it in acids, etc.
The act of lifting or moving a liquid with a dipper, ladle, or the like.
Refers to removing tarnish, surface dirt or changing the coloration of a coin by applying chemicals, or otherwise artificially treating it with liquids.
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The act of inclining downward.
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A mooring line threaded through the eye of another mooring line.