Definitions for "briefcase"
a small suitcase with a handle; it is used for carrying papers or files or books.
a flat, rectangular case used for carrying everything from files and meeting notes to business and personal accessories
a flat, rectangular container used for carrying documents or books
a way of synchronizing files and folders between two locations
Briefcase typically refers to a service whereby users may upload files to a storage area located on the Internet and later access it from other locations or allow others to do access it.
As part of the “Business Location Page”, the concept of a Briefcase is provided to the User. The Briefcase enables Users to see what they need to do in SCBOS, what is in progress, and what has been completed (i.e., the incomplete and recommended Applications as well as rejected and submitted License/Permit/Registration Requests), what is in the Shopping Cart awaiting payment, and recently accepted L/P/R Requests.
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a symbol of authority thus you should bring both it and your purse to the interview
A method to simplify the transport of a group of documents from one computer to another.
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a named set of