Definitions for "Bifurcation"
A forking, or division into two branches.
Splitting a trial into two parts: a liability phase and a penalty phase. In some cases, a new jury may be empaneled to deliberate for the penalty phase.
A node in a tree that connects exactly three branches. If the tree is directed (rooted), then one of the branches represents an ancestral lineage and the other two branches represent descendant lineages.
Significant change in the portrait of attractors and basins of a dynamical system, as its rules are changed.
Term used in chaos theory for a sensitive decision point of a complex system. At a bifurcation, a choice is made between two possible outcomes.
A qualitative change in the behavior (attractor) of a dynamic system associated with a change in control parameter.
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a logical fallacy of false dilemma
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a bi-directional signal, with flow toward the probe representing MCA, and flow away from the probe representing ACA)
Dividing the issues in a case so that one issue can be decided before the others. E.g., a divorce will often be granted before custody, support and marital property issues are resolved.
In law, bifurcation is a judge's ability to divide a trial into two parts so as to render a judgment on a set of legal issues without looking at all aspects. Frequently, civil cases are bifurcated into separate liability and damages proceedings. Criminal trials are also often bifurcated into guilt and sentencing phases, particularly in capital cases.
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Bifurcation Diagram Big Bang
a basis of kin classification that distinguishes the mother's side of the family from the father's side.