Definitions for "Smart Tag"
A feature of Microsoft Office programs that produces buttons with context-sensitive menus directly over the document being edited. Different Office programs use different Smart Tags. PowerPoint has Paste Options, AutoCorrect Options, AutoFit Options, and AutoLayout Options.
information, such as a phone number or email address, found in an instant message and underlined for your use. Clicking a smart tag allows you to act on the information, such as sending a text message to a mobile phone number, sending an email to an email address, or adding the information to your address book.
Any of several buttons that appear after PowerPoint actions such as autocorrections to text, the copying and pasting of text, the autofitting text, and selection of slide layouts. Items accompanied by Smart Tags are underlined with purple dots on the screen.
a microchip RFID transponder, which includes an integrated circuit (IC) and an antenna, encased in a protective coating
an element of text in an Office document that is recognized as having custom
an intelligent hyperlink that recognizes a data structure (like human names, addresses, phone numbers, stock ticker symbols, airport codes, and so on, depending on which Office application is the host) and supports actions based on the data type
a small icon that appears on the page when the program recognizes the type of data you are working with
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a string consisting of XML code, with type information attached to it