Definitions for "Cut and paste"
A procedure in which the computer acts as an electronic combination of scissors and glue for reorganizing a document or for compiling a document from different sources. In cut and paste, the portion of a document to be moved is selected, removed to storage in memory or on disk, and then reinserted into the same or a different document.
Process of removing (or cutting) a text or an image and inserting (or pasting) it elsewhere; a function in graphic software programs for making the layout or layout changes in parts of pages or graphic elements.
A technique for moving slides within the Outline or Slide Sorter views - select the slide, click Cut, move to location, click Paste.
Jargon for the excision of a DNA fragment from one molecule and insertion into another DNA molecule. Commonly used to describe cloning a DNA fragment by cleavage with a restriction enzyme and ligation into a vector. Also used to describe transposition mechanisms where the transposon is excised from one DNA molecule and inserted into a second DNA molecule without replication of the transposon.
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See `killing' and `yanking.'