Definitions for "ticker "
Ticker is a simple program to scroll text across a line of the display, in a manner similar to a stock ticker. In fact, since ticker supports communicating with a program that changes the text periodically, it could be used to implement a stock ticker. Currently, though, the only data gathering program available is one that displays slashdot and freshmeat news headlines on the ticker.
One who, or that which, ticks, or produces a ticking sound, as a watch or clock, a telegraphic sounder, etc.
A telegraphic receiving instrument that automatically prints off stock quotations (stock ticker), market report, or other news on a paper ribbon or "tape."
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Symbol used by brokerage firms to identify fund.
Ticker symbol Tight market Time and Sales Ticker
Abbreviation used by brokerage firms to identify fund easily. Every ETF has one.
a table and or a graph or both, showing a trade by trade history of a said instrument
Shows current and/or recent history of a currency either in the format of a graph or table.
Depicts current or recent history of a currency, usually in the form of a graph or chart.
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Ticker (2001) is an action film, directed by Albert Pyun.
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a small portable timepiece
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a timeline in your signature
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The one to five character identifier for every stock or mutual fund.
a unique letter code which is an individual identifier of a stock or mutual fund
an advertisement that runs across the top of the screen
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a count down to an event that is coming up
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The heart.