Definitions for "trading volume"
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The number of shares, bonds or contracts traded during a given period, for a...
same as volume
Sometimes also called turnover, this figure indicates the number of shares that changed hands for a certain issue or the entire market. Each bourse, including the Tokyo Stock Exchange, releases its trading volume numbers daily. Trading volume is different from trading value, which is the monetary value of stock transactions. Trading volume tends to swell when low-priced stocks are involved. It grows when more shares are traded, regardless of whether stock prices rise or fall. Trading volume level as well as its increases and decreases are used to judge the momentum of the market. Even if stock prices move up, if the trading volume is high, then the market is said to have factored in a future rise. (Nov. 9, 2005)
A generic term used to describe the total number of contracts traded in any particular period.
(i)The total number of contracts traded in a set period of time on a futures exchange. (ii) The amount of a physical commodity, security or currency traded in a particular market or during a set period of time.
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