Definitions for "Short interest"
Total number of shares of a security that investors have sold short and that have not been repurchased to close out the short position. Usually, investors sell short to profit from price declines. As a result, the short interest is often an indicator of the amount of pessimism in the market about a particular security, although there are other reasons to short that are not related to pessimism. For example, hedging strategies for mergers and acquisition as well as derivative positions may involve short sales.
The amount of shares that have been sold short and still remain uncovered by a transaction to close out the short position. Adjusted short interest is the term when estimated arbitrage and options trading influences are eliminated.
This is the number of shares currently borrowed by investors for sale, but not yet returned to the owner (lender).
The part of the subject-matter of a marine insurance that has never been at risk, e.g., the extent to which declarations under a floating policy fall short of the sum insured.