Definitions for "Skidpad"
A large area of smooth, flat pavement used for various handling tests. Roadholding is measured by defining a large-diameter circle (Car and Driver magazine uses 300 feet) on the skidpad and measuring the fastest speed at which the car can negotiate the circle without sliding off.
It is usually a large area of smooth, flat pavement used to test various handlings.
Our skidpad is a 200-ft.-diameter circle. The car runs straddling its circumference, in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. We average the best time in each direction to yield the car's steady-state lateral grip reported in g's. Also evaluated subjectively are a car's response to throttle, especially its drop-throttle tuck-in. Typically, the first few laps give the best times, as the tires heat up quickly and lose effectiveness. Front-wheel-drive cars tend to understeer more than rear-drive models. And all-wheel-drive cars generally post relatively low results.