Definitions for "Aquaplaning"
Keywords:  tyre, steer, wet, tire, road
The process of water building up in front of a moving tyre until it lifts the tyre away from the road causing loss of control
It is a phenomena which is created when the water built up under the contact area removes any direct contact between the tyre and the ground. Under these conditions the tyre cannot transmit any force to the ground. The vehicle is no longer able to brake, steer or accelerate. Therefore any external disturbance, however small it may be, like a side wind on a straight section for instance or the effect of centrifugal force on a bend, leads to completely losing control of the vehicle. Movie: Aquaplaning (327Kb)
Aquaplaning is what happens when there is more water between the tyres and the road than can be displaced by the tyre tread. The car "swims" and consequently cannot be controlled by the driver. Formula One races can be interrupted if there is a danger of aquaplaning. Under very wet conditions, the safety car is generally used to keep the field at a lower speed. Autoclave A pressure vessel in which vacuum-packed composite components are cured at a precise temperature and pressure.