Definitions for "Product Stewardship"
a product-centred approach to environmental protection. Also known as extended product responsibility (EPR), product stewardship calls on those in the product life cycle - manufacturers, retailers, users, and disposers - to share responsibility for reducing the environmental impacts of products. By rethinking their products, their relationships with the supply chain, and the ultimate customer, some manufacturers are dramatically increasing their productivity, reducing costs, fostering product and market innovation, and providing customers with more value with less environmental impact (adapted from the USEPA website). "Design for the environment" can form part of product stewardship.
Is the shared responsibility that all stakeholders, from designers and manufacturers through to consumers and beyond, have to manage waste generated during a products life-cycle of manufacture and use, through to and including its ultimate disposal and post-disposal consequences.
denotes the responsible management of the health, safety and environmental aspects of the basic configuration of a business in terms of a product throughout its life-cycle and / or the investment and operations to produce a process or provide a service.