Definitions for "Lifecycle"
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a phased approach to developing and delivering a wide range of solutions
the life of a record, consisting of three distinct phases: its creation, distribution and use as a current record; its maintenance as a semi-current record; and its disposal or archiving as a non-current record.
The theory that the paperwork of an institution goes through distinct phases: records are created, used for some purpose, stored or filed for future reference, evaluated, and eventually disposed of or transferred to an archive for permanent retention.
The process used to build and support the deliverables produced by the project. (Since a project has a start date and end date, the long-term support of a solution is usually performed after the project is completed.) For software development, the entire lifecycle might consist of planning, analysis, design, construct/test, implementation and support.
Lifecycle refers to the process used to build the deliverables produced by the project. There are many models for a project lifecycle. For software development, the entire lifecycle might consist of planning, analysis, design, construct/test, implementation, and support. This is an example of a "waterfall" lifecycle. Other lifecycles include iterative development, package implementation, and research and development. Each of these lifecycle models represents an approach to building the deliverables on your project.
A method of analysing industries and/or specific organisations based on the premise that all business has a lifespan, moving from birth to eventual demise.
The states that an object can be in from its birth to its death.
A sequence of states an object can take on between creation and deletion, typically with constraints to ensure integrity when changing from one state to another. May include migration of an Entity between systems and different BoundedContext
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an intrinsic part of SOA governance
In advertising- the period of time in which a positive reaction is noticeable. Beginning with the initial advertising and ending when results are no longer noticeable.
The period of time that begins when a system is conceived and ends when the system is no longer available for use.
a natural process, and a methodology is a guideline
A series of states, connected by allowable transitions. The lifecycle represents an approval process for Configuration Items, problem reports and change documents.