Definitions for "Rehab"
Health care to help patients regain abilities after a disease or injury. Includes many different kinds of therapy, as well as education to help patients and families cope at home or at work.
Rehabilitation sector: An area for physical and mental recuperation at a fire scene, usually equipped with beverages, and chairs, isolated from environmental extremes (cold, heat, noise, smoke). This rest area enables firefighters to relax, cool off (or warm up) and regain hydration by way of preventing injury. An EMT may be assigned to monitor firefighter vitals when they enter and leave rehab.
abbreviated form of REHAB ILITATION. In the fire service personnel performing for long periods at a high energy (and/or stress) level are frequently cycled through a REHAB station. REHAB stations usually attempt to re-hydrate, re-supply, re-fresh, and re-turn able personnel to operations. It is also where they may be medically evaluated and assigned to remain in REHAB, resume firefighting activities, or be sent to hospital should they have progressed passed the stage of being REHABILITATED on-scene.
An extensive renovation of a building or project which is intended to cure obsolescence of such building or project.
A building undergoing extensive renovation in order to cure obsolescence. Some rehab projects are so extensive that tenants may not be in the building during the work period.
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Rehab is an American Rap/Rock/Dirty South group forming in the late 1990s in Atlanta, Georgia. Rehab has released two major albums so far; four other discs are also in existence.
"Rehab" is the first single from Amy Winehouse's album Back to Black. It debuted at #19 in the UK Singles Chart based solely on downloads and then climbed to #7 the following week with the release of the CD. This was Winehouse's highest chart position by 50 places.
Rehab is the 2006 release from the heavy metal band Quiet Riot. It is their first studio release since 2001's Guilty Pleasures.
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The place where the various therapists are paid to torture you. My mother told my 4 year-old to tell people that her mommy was in rehab. Thanks mom
A vacation. But a vacation in Harvard Illinois. In other words, one of the circles of hell.
The process of restoring/fixing up a house. Bring the property back to a like new condition.
Repairs and upgrading necessary to bring a property to good marketable condition.
Restoration of a property or neighborhood to bring back its full potential for use.
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residential rehabilitation house for drug misusers
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a great idea
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A home or property in need of rehabilitating.