Definitions for "LCA "
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(Life Cycle Assessment) A method for assessing the environmental impact of a product "from the cradle to the grave".
Life cycle assessment (technique for assessing the environmental aspects & impacts of an enterprise's activities & products)
Life Cycle Assessment. the process of compiling and evaluating the inputs and outputs and potential environmental impacts of a product throughout its life cycle from cradle to grave, that is, at all stages from resources, materials and energy inputs, through production processes, to outputs and their distribution, use and eventual disposal (as products, by-products, wastes or emissions).
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Labor Condition Application. Document indicating the prevailing wage in an area
Labor Condition Application. A request to the Department of Labor for a foreign worker to work in the United States. This application is required for H-1(b), specialty occupation nonimmigrant workers.
Labor Condition Application, document filed with the U.S. DOL pertaining to H-1B status. May Also Be Known As: Labor Condition Application
Livable Communities Act. A law enacted by the Minnesota legislature in 1995 which provides incentives for communities in the Twin Cities metropolitan area to clean up polluted lands, preserve and rehabilitate affordable housing, develop a full range of housing opportunities, and implement compact and efficient development.
(pronounced "L-C-A") Acronym for Luminence, Chroma, Audio, a form of input for some monitors, where all three signals have separate input sockets. They can be used for Commodore-64 computers, and they can also be used with a suitable cable for displaying output from S-VHS video recorders.
Louisiana Coastal Area Ecosystem Restoration Program. The LCA is the program through which large coastal restoration projects that affect basin wide areas have been planned and will be executed. The LCA is a federal state partnership. For more information
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Linux Conf Australia
Law Council of Australia
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A collection API extending the Java Collections API. Currently it is providing a trie map .
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Low Cost Alternative Program: The term used by BC Pharmacare for its policy of fully covering the lowest cost drug within a class of chemically identical drugs. The LCA is normally a generic drug with the lowest average Pharmacare-claimed price over a period of months. Patients who wish the brand-name drug or a more expensive generic may pay the difference in price.
Large Commercial Aircraft
Light Combat Aircraft
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Library Copyright Alliance
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Landing Craft Assault
Land cover analysis
Left coronary artery. One of the three main coronary arteries that supplies blood to the heart. The LCA supplies about 65% of the heart's blood.
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Logic Cell Array.
Leaving Certificate Applied Programme
Local Calling Area
Local Cooperation Agreement
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Lower Control Arm