Definitions for "Personalisation"
Modify a smart card to represent information concerning one person. There are two sorts of personalization: graphical and electrical. Graphical personalization modifies the visual aspect of the card (holder's name, photograph) electrical personalization modifies the information held in electronic form.
Adding user specific application software and individual personal details to a card.
Process by which a smartcard is initialized, almost like a floppy disk, to contain information for a specific person. Graphical personalisation modifies the visual aspect of the card (holder's name, photograph). Digital personalisation modifies the information in the card's chip.
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The act of adding the name of an individual to a mailing piece, or using a computer to include personal data about a person on a mailing piece.
Sending mailing to specific individuals – e.g. "Dear Mr Smith", as opposed to "Dear Sir".
Web-based personalisation involves delivering customised content for the individual either through Web page Electronic mail (E-mail) or Push technology .
The tailoring of a product, communication or service to an individual customer, or segment of customers, by using knowledge of that customer or segment.
The method of adding an individual's name and/or address on the communication.
the act of recognising a customer or visitor to a web site and modifying content and behaviour to make the experience relevant to that individual. (p. 272)