Definitions for "Internet Marketing"
Internet marketing enables manufacturers to bypass wholesalers and deal directly with consumers. As the Internet becomes part of Japan's business culture, more and more companies are selling items such as personal computers to corporate users and books and sundry goods to consumers online. Car dealers are also following the lead of their counterparts in the U.S., where the marketing method is widely used.Buying online allows consumers to shop in their homes, while helping companies reduce marketing costs, keep a more accurate track of their inventories and gather information directly from customers. Net marketing is expected to become the shopping method of choice for many people. The Ministry of International Trade and Industry estimates the e-commerce market catering to consumers will be valued at more than 3.5 trillion yen in 2003.
basically, the process of selling or marketing your products on the Internet. There are many different methods of Internet Marketing. Some examples include pay-per-click advertising, networking and email marketing.
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