Definitions for "ONLINE MARKETING"
search engine optimisation (s.e.o) uses techniques to help place a website higher up in the organic listings after a key word or phrase is typed into a search engine. . pay per click (ppc) allows the user to place a website at the top of the sponsored link list after a key word or phrase has been entered into a search engine. however, the top position is auctioned off to the highest bidder resulting in a cost per click every time a link is activated. the cost to achieve a position in the top three results can range from a few pence up to many pounds. .
Presentation of products, services, or ideas on the Internet.
Advertising, selling or dispensing products through the Internet.
a difficult concept to master
Real world marketing on the WWW. Strategies and concepts that have proven to be of success to be SEEN on the Net.
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a great way to show you care