Definitions for "PEP"
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Personalized Education Plan
The Personal Equity Plan was a savings programme introduced by the UK government. PEPs are no longer available for purchase and were succeeded by ISAs, 6 April 1999.
Personal Employment Plan. Refer to PEP for definition. See: Refugee Program
Telebit proprietary high-speed modem communications protocol
Packet Ensemble Protocol. This is a data modulation protocol for 9600 bps modems developed by Telebit. Not all 9600 bps modems can communicate with one another at 9600 bps. For example, PEP is incompatible with the CCITT V.32 standard and with U.S. Robotics' HST (High Speed Transfer) protocol. However, most modems can "step down" to the highest protocol they have in common, which is usually at least 2400 bps.
Packetized Ensemble Protocol. a proprietary modulation and error correction technique used in some Telebit modems. It can achieve throughput of up to 16000 bps, and is able to establish and maintain connections over noisy lines better than V.32, but is is asymmetric, with slow line turnaround and latency.
Physical Education Program
Principals Excellence Program
Proficiency Examination Program, a series of equivalency exams given nationally every few months.
Post Exposure Prophylaxis
See Postexposure Prophylaxis (PEP).
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Pemex Exploració n y Producció n
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Polysindo Eka Perkarsa
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Phosphoenol pyruvate
Protein elctrophoresis; SPEP (serum protein elctrophoresis); UPEP (urine protein elctrophoresis
Plymouth Enterprise Partnerships
Parent Educator Partnership. A service of the Grant Wood Area Education Agency that specifically supports families of individuals with disabilities. Provides information on community resources, liaisons for IEP meetings, and supports a lending library. Library materials can be sent to your child's school from the PEP library. Call 800-332-8488 for more information.
Is a three carbon molecules. In C4 plants CO2 is added to PEP to form the four-carbon product oxaloacetate. The reaction is catalyzed by PEP carboxylase.
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paraepididymal tissue
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peak envelope power; commonly a power output rating
"Peak Envelope Power"; used to measure power output of an single sideband signal.
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Policy Enforcement Points
Policy Enforcement Point. A PEP (Policy Enforcement Point) enforces the decision made by the PDP.
Policy Enforcement Point. A logical entity that enforces policy decisions. (Source: IETF RFC 3198)
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ASL Browser
Participartory Election Programme
Procurement Efficiency Programme
Pulmonary Embolism Prevention
primate equilibrium platform
Positive Expiratory Pressure
liveliness and energy; "this tonic is guaranteed to give you more pep"
acronym for PlanningExtremeProgramming (the green book).
Preliminary Engineering Proposal. A document which is required by the Virginia Sewage Regulations. Usually prepared by the consulting engineer, hired by the loan recipient. The PEP assesses the current facilities, projects future needs, develops alternatives, assesses the environmental impact of the proposed alternatives, provides cost estimates and presents a selected alternative
A method of obtaining college credit through examinations. Regional testing centers are established for these examinations; locations may be obtained by calling the Upper Iowa University Registrar at 563-425-5268.
Progressive Evaluation Process. Refer to PEP for definition. See: Incapacity
A Petroleum Exploration Permit as issued by the New Zealand government, each such permit being identified by number.
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Pacific Energy
Popular Equipment Package or Preferred Equipment Package. This refers to grouping options together, a concept by which most vehicles are sold today.
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Primary Entry Point