Definitions for "Neural network"
A computational method for optimizing for a desired property based on previous learning cycles (training).
A network of neurons that are connected through synapses or weights. Each neuron performs a simple calculation that is a function of the activations of the neurons that are connected to it. Through feedback mechanisms and/or the nonlinear output response of neurons, the network as a whole is capable of performing extremely complicated tasks, including universal computation and universal approximation. Three different classes of neural networks are feedforward, feedback, and recurrent neural networks, which differ in the degree and type of connectivity that they possess.
Computer circuitry that does not use the linear IPOS design used by most computers today but mimics the structure of the human brain. Neural nets "learn" by trial and error and are very good at recognizing patterns and dealing with complexity.
a calculational model capable of storing experiential knowledge and making it available for use
a collection of multiple independent processors configured such that each processor is in direct communication with all adjacent processors
a highly interconnected set of simple processors
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a computer algorithm to solve non-linear optimisation problems
a non-linear procedure to elucidate relationships among data
a graph of weighted associations where, during training, the weights are adjusted relative to
a parameterized system, where the weights are the adjustable parameters
a calculator, with an extra function
a nothing but a composite (and in most cases) smooth function from R m to R n for some positive integers m , n
a fraud control solution worth millions
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a kind of network in which information is distributed over the whole network rather than local to particular nodes
a network of receptor and neural cells
an interesting approach to data mining
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a new kind of computing tool that is not limited by equations or rules