Definitions for "MRL "
(Minimum Reporting Level) is a statiscally determined level at which a particular substance can be measured with an acceptable level of confidence.
Minimum Reporting Limit. Where available, MRLs reflect the Method Detection Limits (MDLs) set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or the Detection Limits for Purposes of Reporting (DLRs).These values are set by the agencies to reflect the lowest concentration of each substance that can be accurately quantified by applicable testing methods, and are also the minimum reporting thresholds applicable to the Consumer Confidence Reports produced by tap water suppliers.
minimum risk level
inimal isk evel. An estimate of daily human exposure - by a specified route and length of time -- to a dose of chemical that is likely to be without a measurable risk of adverse, noncancerous effects. An MRL should not be used as a predictor of adverse health effects.
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Maximum rate limit. The maximum rate at which a well is legally permitted to produce, imposed by the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board.
maximum residue limit
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Multiple rocket launcher
Manually operated retention latch. Also known as latch.
Specification for an XML markup language for recipes. Includes a Java reference implementation.