Definitions for "Microarrays"
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Ordered sets of DNA fragments fixed to solid surfaces. The DNA fragments may represent all the open reading frames in a genome, a particular gene family, or any other subset of genes. Microarrays can be probed with RNA or cDNA derived from an organism to determine which transcripts are expressed under certain conditions. Microarrays are sometimes called gene chips.
Tool for large-scale analysis of gene expression, enabling the activities of hundreds of thousands of genes to be monitored simultaneously. By comparing microarrays from different samples, scientists find clues about which genes are involved in certain processes, such as stages of development or response to disease. ( see also)
Two-dimensional array in which genes or gene fragments are aligned in order to allow them to be probed in a high-throughput manner.
a sample with considerable local variations in superficial redox activity, at least for anionic electroactive species
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a quick and easy task
a powerful approach for identifying and discriminating among closely-related strains of E