Definitions for "MCP"
Major Crown Project
Microchannel Plate, the high-voltage electron-multiplier array that is the basis for the GALEX detectors.
Microchannel plate. One of the major components of an image intensifier. A slightly conductive glass substrate with millions of parallel traversing channels containing a secondary electron emitter on their inner walls. Each channel acts analogously to a standard photomultiplier device.
Master Control Program
Mobile Command Post. a vehicle having the capability to communicate and exercise direction and coordination over an emergency or disaster.
Media and Communications Processors
metacarpal phalangeal joint of the finger or thumb; joint at the base of the finger (knuckle joint) or joint closest to the base of the thumb
metacarpophalangeal joint
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ultichip ackage. A small enclosed module with an external form factor that matches a single chip package and typically contains two to five bare dice.
Multi-Chip Package
A combination of semiconductor devices in one package, usually SRAM and Flash.
Municipal Compliance Plan
Managed Care Plan
modify current plan. In Tivoli Workload Scheduler for z/OS, a dialog function used to dynamically change the contents of the current plan to respond to changes in the operation environment. Examples of special events that would cause alteration of the current plan are: a rerun, a deadline change, or the arrival of an unplanned application.
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Message Control Program. In ACF/VTAM, a specific implementation of an access method, including I/O and buffering routines, plus service facilities and SNA support. A TCAM Message Control Program.
modified citrus pectin; a substance that is able to interfere with PC growth by preventing cell-cell interaction and adhesiveness by binding to a carbohydrate substance called galectin-3 found on the surface of tumor cells
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Multiple Crash Premium. a penalty for drivers who cause lots of crashes. If you are found 50% or more at fault for 3 crashes within a 3-year period, you will be charged an MCP of $1,000. For each additional at-fault crash within the 3 years, there is another fee of $500. More Information.
Mathcad Printer Driver
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Marvel Comics Presents
A Merlin Convenience Pack, one of the Convenience Packs for OS/2 Warp 4, which had the internal code name Merlin.
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MAC Convergence Protocol MAC(Ã1/2Ìå·ÃÎÊ¿ØÖÆ£©»á3/4
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mining claim property
Microsoft Certified Professional
maintenance collection point
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Maximum Continuous Power
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Market-clearing price