Definitions for "Lobster"
Any large macrurous crustacean used as food, esp. those of the genus Homarus; as the American lobster (Homarus Americanus), and the European lobster (Homarus vulgaris). The Norwegian lobster (Nephrops Norvegicus) is similar in form. All these have a pair of large unequal claws. The spiny lobsters of more southern waters, belonging to Palinurus, Panulirus, and allied genera, have no large claws. The fresh-water crayfishes are sometimes called lobsters.
der Hummer (-) Homaridae
It is considered best to purchased lobsters while they are still alive; their large claws should be secured with strong rubber bands to allow safe handling. A live lobster should be fresh, heavy for its size, and still display much movement; the shell should be dark red to black. Live lobsters should be prepared immediately; however you can keep a live lobster in the refrigerator rolled loosely in damp newspaper and enclosed in a paper bag pierced with air holes in the vegetable compartment for no more than two days. Cooked lobsters are also available. You can test the freshness of cooked specimens by uncurling the tail; if it springs back into the curled position, the lobster was fresh when cooked. Avoid dead uncooked lobsters, as the meat spoils very quickly. Fresh cooked meat is sometimes available; canned and frozen meat is best used in seafood salads.
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As a term of opprobrium or contempt: A gullible, awkward, bungling, or undesirable person.
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a messy eater
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a crawfish on steroids
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Eating lobster in a dream is an omen that you will receive some long overdue money. If there is a live lobster in a dream it signifies petty difficulties.
Lobster is a twice yearly British magazine (June and December) focussing on parapolitics.
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flesh of a lobster
a debris food, meaning one must strategize how best to utilize manual to oral dexterity
Australian decimal Twenty dollars - derived from the colour of the main design on the $20 note.
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There are many kinds of lobster, varying in size and...