Definitions for "Gross Rating Points"
a measure of audience size, in which reach x average frequency = gross rating points; the total duplicated audience that is exposed to all the vehicles in a particular media schedule, typically expressed for a given time period within the schedule, such as a four-week period. One rating point equals one percent of the audience. An expression of the total advertising weight in an advertising schedule. The sum of ratings delivered by all media vehicles in an advertising schedule. Example: 20 commercials each with a 12 rating yield a total of 240 GRPs. See reach, average frequency, advertising weight, gross impressions, message weight, and target rating points (TRPs).
A term used in buying time for TV ads. If an ad is shown twice, and seen by 10% of people the first time and 8% the second time, it achieves 18 GRPs. A more specific version of GRPs is TARPS.
One GRP is equal to one percent of the population. GRPs are packaged in units of 50 or 100 and measure the duplicated audience reached by a poster allotment. GRPs = Daily effective circulation divided by market population. An impression occurs when a person is exposed to an advertising message.
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