Definitions for "Case rate"
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A method for setting advertising budgets (also known as 'per case allowance') according to which a fixed sum for advertising is arrived at based on a forecast of unit sales over the next year. For an excellent account of other methods and other aspects of budget setting, see Simon Broadbent, The Advertising Budget, (Henley-on-Thames: NTC Publications Ltd., 1989).
Flat fee paid for services based on client characteristics (such as diagnosis). For this fee the provider covers all of the services the client requires for a specific period of time. Also called bundled rate, or flat fee-per-case. Very often used as an intermediate step prior to capitation. Also see diagnostic related groups or risk adjustment.
Number of cases disposed per 1,000 juveniles in the population. The population base used to calculate the case rate varies. For example, the population base for the male case rate is the total number of male youth age 10 or older who are under the jurisdiction of the juvenile courts. (See juvenile population.)
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a lump sum paid for a certain types of expenses