Definitions for "good place to start"
a fixture left on at least three hours daily
a manufacturer's showroom or a tile retail store
a visit to the showrooms of local bath suppliers and dealers for what is available in bath fixtures
Keywords:  town, scrawled, jihad, island, trolley
a hand-scrawled inscription I saw on a crumbling wall in a border town in northern Pakistan that read, "Jihad of the sword, like prayer, is a religious obligation
a narrated tour of the island on the Old Town Trolley
an island which few people have heard of, and those who have think it is somewhere completely different
a create script for all the entities in the WidgetStore database
an understanding of what money laundering laws attempt to accomplish
a recap of how the Relational Database came into being, and why the Relational Database epitaph will never be written (many have already attempted this pretty fruitlessly)
a government-funded website from South Australia Shine SA for information on sexual health and sexuality
an arts council sponsored website called poetrykit and an organisation I help run called London SLAM Central (which does prose as well as poetry events)
an informational website such as ABTolls
a cheap beginners pack, and give yoruself some time to decide wether you enjoy guitar enough to put some moeny into a decent one
a book by Jack Herer called The Emperor Wears No Clothes
a detailed map and a good gazetteer which will probably be your first "foreign language" book
a guide book called The Essential Guide for Homestay Students in North America
a family consultation with a veterinarian to determine the compatibility of your needs with those of the animal(s) being considered
a specialty outdoor store that has a knowledgeable staff
a thorough risk profile developed by public accountants, internal auditors, risk-management and legal staff, and perhaps outside help from consultants and errors-and-omissions carriers
Keywords:  brunch, vegas, dinner, cuisine, lunch
a good price index search engine
a Las Vegas dining search engine that lets you select the cuisine (food type) by location, price point and meal served (that is, breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner
a matching engine that will search for PDA models that satisfy your specifications for features like memory or size
an examination of the inner bulkhead at the base of the windscreen pillars, using an inspection lamp, from under the dashboard
an inexpensive halogen desk lamp
Keywords:  hostel, youth
a youth hostel
an interview with Sally Mcpherson, the general manager for the East Coast Blues and Roots Festival
a hobby or enthusiasm of your own, or of a colleague that you want to collaborate with
Keywords:  poh, honest, review, diet, supplement
an honest review of just how much hot food is in the diet
a review, with the customer, of the systems supplement in the POH
Keywords:  shop, motorcycle, shoe, repair, self
a motorcycle repair shop
a print shop in your area
a smaller shop, like a self-service shoe store
a Web site called Oasis, short for Open Accessible Space Information System, which was developed by a coalition of public agencies and private companies and institutions to catalog the city's open spaces
Keywords:  ymca, morning, church, mother, local
a Mother's Morning Out program at a church or local YMCA
Keywords:  zetoc, awareness, current, service
a current awareness service like ZETOC
Keywords:  nrcs, goals, farm, county, forester
a look at the goals that you set for your practice
a phone call to your local NRCS service representative, county extension agent, or county forester to find out which Farm Bill program best fits your land management goals
a product called ClearPTZ, available at www
a solid biology or animal science program at a university that ahs a strong agricultural background
Keywords:  dictionary
a dictionary
a phone call to us for a quick estimate of the cost of refinancing versus the benefits
a functional antique like the kitchen table
Keywords:  mic, distance, left, directly, player
a distance so that the left mic is pointing directly at the left-most player, and the right mic is pointing directly at the right-most player
Keywords:  pointer, api, class, minimal, desired
a base class that contains all the functionality required to get up and running in our desired API
a minimal pointer class
a vendor who sponsors a discussion list on Adobe products, EMERGE
a medical assessment to determine if you have a known stone-forming condition
an assessment of your community
a one-off inventory assessment
Keywords:  favorites, irs, old, letter, ruling
an old IRS letter ruling that is one of my favorites
Keywords:  schema, xml, definition, document
a XML Schema or document definition
an evaluation of your ability and desire to sell directly to consumers
a Resource that will enable you to take the proper steps in evaluating any Business
a look at what makes 'flats fishing' or 'shallow water angling' unique compared to other fishing
Keywords:  mac, society, users
a Mac Users Society
an agreement on the facts about the current Social Security program and its long-term financial impact on African-Americans
Keywords:  mutual, equity, fund
an equity mutual fund
Keywords:  threaded, below, single, server, web
a single-threaded web server, shown below