Definitions for "Site ID"
a numeric code that identifies a particular site. For example, consider the following URL. This URL is the link to go from the Ding, Dong, Yahoo! WebRing Is Dead Yahoo! WebRing navbar on my site to the Webring List (Hub) page. The Ring ID is "dingdongyahooweb". Note that right after the Ring ID the URL says "id=1". This identifies the site. The site ID is "1". Every site in a system webring is assigned a unique numeric site ID.
A unique number that identifies your site and is used in the tracking links. If you register more than one site under your account you will have a different site ID per site registered. You can see your site ID under Edit site info.
an identifier, your actual cyber-identity on our site
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a vital element for letting a user know where they are
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A 4-6 digit number specific to each site.