Definitions for "Pillars"
These are the supports used to prop up the varying tiers of a multi-tiered wedding cake. They may be made from cardboard, plastic or wood. They are also known as columns.
Tubes placed in-between layers of wedding cake to create a multi-tiered effect with open air in-between each layer of cake. Unlike separators, pillars are clearly visible on the decorated cake and are part of the overall look. Also known as columns.
Used to separate the layers of a tiered cake. They can be made of plastic or wood in several heights to achieve the desired look.
The EU consists of three pillars. Most EU activity falls within the first pillar, the European Communities, in which the Commission and the European Parliament play the fullest part. The other two pillars (which derive from the Maastricht Treaty of 1992) are inter-governmental: the second pillar is the Common Foreign and Security Policy under Title V of the EU Treaty; the third is police and judicial co-operation in criminal matters under Title VI of the EU Treaty.
The key policy areas upon which European integration is based. The first pillar is 'economic union', the second a 'common foreign and security policy' and the third 'justice and home affairs'.
The three so called pillars of the EU Treaty are: first pillar - the Community dimension, comprising the arrangements set out in the EC, ECSC and Euratom Treaties, ie. EU citizenship, Community policies, economic and monetary union, etc; second pillar -common foreign and security policy; third pillar - police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters. The Amsterdam Treaty has transferred some of the fields covered by the old third pillar to the first pillar (free movement of persons), which has the effect of bringing these fields out of the intergovernmental method and into the Community method of decision taking. (See also Communitisation.)
Blocks of coal left in mine to support the roof of overburden
The structural uprights that support a car’s roof Read more
Columns of ore left in place as part of the mining process in order to support the hangingwall of the excavation
Two imaginary lines running the entire height of the dorsal hoof wall, which are anterior points of weight-bearing. A farrier's guideline to help determine the amount of roll needed for a rolled toe. Used in Duckett's method of hoof balance.
In the Cabala, the tree of life is separated into three vertical lines. They consist of The Pillar Of Mercy, The Pillar of Severity, and The Pillar of Moderation. Each should be read accordingly.
A foundation and framework used to set organizational goals and the evaluation process. Once the goals for each pillar are set for the organization as a whole, they are cascaded throughout, from the division level to department or unit level, to individual leader. Most organizations use the Five Pillars: Service, People, Quality, Financial, and Growth. These can be customized to fit specific language or organizational terms, or other pillars can be added, such as Community. These pillars then lay the framework for consistent evaluations, communications, and work planning.
Guide posts used in a pillar set.
Metal pieces that hold the plates together the correct distance apart.
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