Definitions for "Extender"
Keywords:  filler, talc, pigment, silica, hiding
Material used to increase the bulk of a medium, to lessen the amount of pigment used while maintaining body, to reduce cost in student-quality paints for example. See also filler.
A white pigment added to a coloured pigment to reduce its intensity and improve its working qualities.
Pigment that can contribute specific properties to a coating, but usually does not substantially affect the colour.
Substance used in inks to increase volume and transparency.
A material added to a herbicide formulation to extend its activity and effectiveness.
Fluid added to collected semen to increase or "extend" the volume
an Air Mobility Command advanced tanker and cargo aircraft designed to provide increased global mobility for U
a Strategic Air Command advanced tanker and cargo aircraft designed to provide increased global mobility for U
Another name for a quickdraw
Alternative name for a Quickdraw.
a solution used for the dilution and storage of semen, which acts to protect from cold shock as well as add necessary nutrients, buffering capacity, and maintenance of osmotic balance. Common components include milk and/or egg yolk, combined with carbohydrates.
a solution that allows the semen from a donor to impregnate more females by making insemination possible with fewer sperm
a piece of software that you install into the remote itself)
A device that allows you to use your infrared (standard line-of-sight) remote control to operate your electronics - even from another room. It translates the IR signal into a UHF signal that can reach through walls and floors to your receiver or other equipment. See Remotes and Audio/Video.
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A group of two or more letters which extend a word on the board: e.g. SPIRE can be extended by IN- RE- CON- and PERS
Keywords:  lens, camera, focal, main, multiplying
a small set of lens that are placed between the camera and the main lens and have the effect of multiplying the focal length of the lens by some factor
a special kind of lens which mounts itself between the main lens and your camera
Chemical additive used to control the drying and flow of water base finishes. Can be used with stains and finishes to "extend" the open time.
Keywords:  stretches, anything, one
One who, or that which, extends or stretches anything.
Keywords:  powders, coating, white, body
White powders used to give body to the coating.
Electronic device used to extend transmitted signals longer than possible with cables alone. See our full line of Extenders.
Keywords:  chain, links, large
a chain with large links used
A device designed to be attached to the end of the penis, giving the appearance of greater length.
Keywords:  onto, attaching, display, window, way
a way of attaching your own object onto another object for display in the Properties window
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See RF Extender.