Definitions for "Hiding"
The act of hiding or concealing, or of withholding from view or knowledge; concealment.
the activity of keeping something secret
1. If the dreamer is doing the hiding, there is a part of him that is "hidden," even from him, that perhaps needs to come to the surface and be looked at. 2. If the dreamer hides an object from someone else, then he is concealing something that perhaps needs to be revealed. 3. If the dreamer is searching for someone or something, there is something missing, either an idea or an actual object, that she needs to find and make use of. Other symbols in the dream could reveal exactly what that is. Astrological parallels: Pluto, Scorpio. Tarot parallel: The Moon.
Keywords:  obscure, mask, scuff, ability, paint
The ability of an applied finish to cover scuff marks and scratches.
The ability of a paint film to mask the color or pattern of a surface. May be measured while the paint is still wet or after it has dried, and these measurements may differ. Hiding power is measured by determining the minimum thickness at which a film will completely obscure a black and white pattern.
The ability of a paint to mask the color or pattern of the substrate it covers.
Keywords:  flogging
A flogging.
shorthand for fieldHiding, localHiding, typeHiding and maskedCatchBlock
A procedure for placing a viewport at the bottom of its sibling stack and thereby hiding it from the screen.