Definitions for "Viewport"
Viewport is a widget-based open-source Ajax start page similar to Netvibes, Pageflakes, Protopage, Google Personalized, My Yahoo, and Windows Live.
A display window in the Unreal Editor that can show a front, side, top, or perspective views. For more information on Virewports, see the UnrealEdInterface document.
For View objects, the viewport is a rectangular subregion of NDC space that specifies where the View object will be placed when drawn. The precise meaning of the viewport depends on the View object. For example, for XyPlot objects, the viewport specifies where the grid containing the curves will be placed, and the labeling (if any) will be drawn outside of the viewport. On the other hand, for TextItem objects, the viewport will be a rectangle surrounding the text string.
Keywords:  resize, scroll, allocated, fit, screen
The mechanism through which the user views all or part of a screen. The VIEWPORT key allows the user to move, resize, and scroll the viewport.
a container that does not resize to fit in the space allocated to it
Keywords:  display, bitmap, subset, screen, reader
a subset of the area defined by a virtual display
The portion of the drawing plane of a sheet's medium that is visible on a display device.
A data structure that specifies an area of the screen for the display of a specified bitmap and its bit settings.
an object that controls the rendering process for objects