Definitions for "Whiting"
Keywords:  chalk, putty, gesso, inert, calcium
Chalk prepared in an impalpable powder by pulverizing and repeated washing, used as a pigment, as an ingredient in putty, for cleaning silver, etc.
Calcium carbonate pumice used to polich etching plates; also the main component in lithographic stones.
See calcium carbonate.
Keywords:  cod, atlantic, vulgaris, fish, genus
A common European food fish (Melangus vulgaris) of the Codfish family; -- called also fittin.
A North American fish (Merlucius vulgaris) allied to the preceding; -- called also silver hake.
Any one of several species of North American marine sciænoid food fishes belonging to genus Menticirrhus, especially Menticirrhus Americanus, found from Maryland to Brazil, and Menticirrhus littoralis, common from Virginia to Texas; -- called also silver whiting, and surf whiting.