Definitions for "EDM"
A process that is used to remove metal through the action of a controlled electrical discharge of short duration and high-current density between the tool or wire electrode and the work piece. See also wire EDM
Electronic Discharge Medium. An electronic discharge method of manufacturing rotary dies.
A CAD/CAM assisted, extremely fine metal cutting process. An electrical current jumps from a wire to the work, melting a minute part of it, which is washed away by water which is also the coolant. Wire cutting is very accurate and relatively slow.
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Source: DSMC Engineering Development Model
Engineering Development Model. Source: DSMC A production representative system acquired during the System Development and Demonstration Phase. EDMs may be used to demonstrate maturing performance via an operational assessment or operational testing, and to finalize proposed production specifications and drawings. Formal initial operational test and evaluation (IOT&E) required by statute or regulation before a Full Rate Production Decision Review is normally performed on LRIP articles during the Production and Deployment phase.
Electromagnetic Distance Measurement device, the instrument used by modern surveyors that replaces the use of measurement chains. It determines distance by measuring the time it takes for laser light to reflect off a prism on top of a rod at the target location.
EDM (Electronic Document Management) is the management of different kinds of document in an enterprise using computer programs and storage. An EDM system allows an enterprise and its users to create a document or capture a hard copy in electronic form, store, edit, print, process, and otherwise manage documents in image, video, and audio, as well as in text form.
Electronic distance measurer-. a gadget which sends out an infra red beam to a reflector which returns it to a receiver. It measures distance very accurately. Reflectorless EDM's are now available. These reflect from any surface, but have less range, and, are slightly less accurate.
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Common interfaces and data objects are a necessity to ensure maintainability and coherence of the Atlas software platform over a long period of time. The Event Data Model ( EDM) improves commonality across the detector subsystems and subgroups such as trigger, testbeam, and offline. Detailed information (implementation issues, schema evolution, etc.) is available. See Also AOD, ESD, RDO.
A fork of the Sauerbraten FPS with several multiplayer modes, online map editing, dynamic mapmodel physics, enhanced particle effects, unique weapons and powerups, and more. See for data and binary downloads.
Estabilidade Dimensional da Malha
Equine Degenerative Myeloencephalopathy–Is a diffuse, degenerative disease of the spinal cord and brain stem. Caused by a vitamin E deficiency in the equine species.
Refers to marketing through CRM software and the internet. The CRM software provides the marketing department with the ability to analyze, select and target prospects and customers for marketing campaigns. It then creates the marketing piece in an email using text, flash or other multimedia. The marketing piece is sent out via email and is tracked and reported on using the CRM software.
Abbrev. for "Eye Diagram Monitor". See also: Eye Diagram Monitor
(Machine Safety) Abbreviation for External Device Monitoring, a means by which a safety device monitors the state of external devices that may be controlled by the safety device.
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effective downwind message.
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Early Day Motion Petition originated and signed by MPs to indicate support for a particular topic
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essential drugs and medicines