Definitions for "EBook"
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an electronically formatted book, designed to be read from a computer, which may be a desktop computer, a handheld computer, or a specialized electronic book reading device.
A digital or electronic version of a book.
Any form of electronic book in which the contents are stored and played back digitally.
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a neatly packaged set of information (usually published as a PDF or
a PDF file that you view using free Acrobat Reader software from Adobe
a professional pdf document readable with Adobe Reader
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an intangible product, it does not qualify as stated in the the Dispute Guidelines, I didn't write Paypal did so I damn well expect them to stick to the rules they've set otherwise were do you draw the line at an acceptable level of theiving
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a subject in its own professional environment that is e-mailed to you and is opened up as you would an attachment
a tool to collect visitors or viewers email address for promoting your newer products where you can email your viewers in the future
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a great idea
a great way to create information about any topic that you have knowledge in or are an expert in
Keywords:  perfect, start, place
a perfect place to start
Keywords:  fast, website, graphic, holds, small
a small, fast application that holds graphic pages just like a website does
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an executable program (