Definitions for "Campaigns"
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The Korean War consisted of 10 campaigns UN Defensive--June 27-Sept. 15, 1950 UN Offensive--Sept. 16-Nov. 2, 1950 CCF Intervention--Nov. 3, 1950-Jan. 24, 1951 First UN counteroffensive--Jan. 25-April 21, 1951 CCF Spring Offensive--April 22-July 8, 1951 UN Summer-Fall Offensive--July 9-Nov. 27, 1951 Second Korean Winter--Nov. 28, 1951-April 30, 1952 Korea Summer-Fall 1952--May 1-Nov. 30, 1952 Third Korean Winter--Dec. 1, 1952-April 30, 1953 Korea Summer-Fall--May 1-July 27, 1953
a series of military operations understanding to achieve a large scale objective during a war.
The activities undertaken by parties, candidates and pressure groups in an election to persuade electors to vote in a particular way. Also called canvassing.
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