Definitions for "HOT WIRE"
Ungrounded lead wire that connects the transformer and electrical devices or appliances via an electrical outlet and power plug.
the ungrounded conductor wire in a cable that carries electrical current or load, usually identified by black or red insulation but may be any color other than white, gray or green.
Hot wire is a transient technique that involves inserting an electrically heated wire into a material. This intrusive method is possible for foams and fluids and melted plastics. The heat flows out radially from the wire into the sample and the temperature of the wire is measured. The plot of the wire temperature versus the logarithm of time is used to calculate thermal conductivity.
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used as an anemometer or air velocity meter.
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One that bypasses the normal ignition lock to connect the coil to the battery.
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An electro-mechanical device used for highly precise and smooth-edged foam cutting.
a suitable method of cutting thin plastic, though the method needs some refining
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