Definitions for "Demi"
shorter model of Parker 51 or late English Aerometric Duofold
Usually means a woman's size or small pen. Mostly associated with the parker 51.
Only the upper half depicted
( French) Half.
A demi cup bra offers the perfect amount of ‘barely there' coverage for petite to average figure women. These bras offer less coverage than a full cup and more than a balconette. Demi bras cover the nipple and approximately half to 3/4 of the breast, but if it seems like you're “spilling out” of your demi cup its probably the wrong size. View our full selection of Demi Bras
Demi is an object-oriented library for Gameboy Advance programming. The main purpose of this project is to standardize commonly used aspects of GBA programming with an integrated standard library.
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Sec Semi-dry
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See Demy, n.