Definitions for "Oloroso"
Keywords:  sherry, fino, flor, fragrant, cream
(o-lo-ro'-so) A Sherry that has not been aged in the presence of "flor." Dry, like all Sherry when aging in a barrel, this is the Sherry that is often sweetened and sold as Cream Sherry.
A type of sweet sherry. Harveys Bristol Cream is the best known example of an Oloroso
(Oh-loe-roe-soe) - Spanish, literally "fragrant." One of the two broad categories of Sherry, the other being Fino (above). Olorosos are typically dark and full-bodied, in contrast with the light Fino; most are made sweet, but dry Oloroso (like the Emilio Lustau Don Nuño) can be a revelation.