Definitions for "CBP"
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The abbreviation for the Customs and Border Protection.
Bureau of Customs & Border Protection Part of the Border and Transportation Security Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security. What makes up CBP? Customs, Immigration and Naturalization, Agriculture Plant Health and Border Patrol effective March 1, 2003. Read more at
County Business Patterns. An annual publication issued by the Bureau of the Census. CBP provides establishment-based employment totals of all employees covered under Social Security, by State and county, and by industry. The data are for March of the reference year, but are published 2-3 years after the reference period. Data are obtained from various Census Bureau establishment surveys and the administrative files of the IRS.
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(n) - Term for girls who are "cute but pyscho" Dumped... by disappearance (phrase) - The science -- dare I say art -- of stopping seeing someone by vanishing
consolidated bioprocessing
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Chesapeake Bay Program (EPA)
Changed Business Practices
Code of banking practice.
Current Best Practice. The best way known to do something in IDCON's Results Oriented Maintenance (ROM) philosophy. The future might reveal a better way of doing something and thus change the CBP. A CBP is equal to an element, which is the lowest level of detail in a Key Process.
Core Benefit Proposition. The central benefit or purpose for which a consumer buys a product. The CBP may come either from the physical good or service performance, or it may come from the augmented dimensions of the product.
a transcriptional co-activator
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Celestial Body Position (Toolkit)
Chronic bacterial prostatitis.
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Canadian Books in Print Plus
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Capacity Building Programme
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Corporate Business Plan