Definitions for "ATMS"
Systems, which collect, utilize, and disseminate real-time data on congestion on arterial streets and expressways, and will alert motorists of alternate routes. Components of an ATMS include CCTV monitoring, ramp metering, traffic signal control, vehicle detection, and communications.
is the Department of Energy's system to route and rank carriers. This is DOE's automated system to manage all functions of their freight movement.
Advanced Traffic Management Systems. ATMS employ a variety of relatively inexpensive detectors, cameras, and communication systems to monitor traffic, optimize signal timings on major arterials, and control the flow of traffic. Most of the information which is disseminated via the TRIMARC web site comes from the TRIMARC ATMS.
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Autonomous trade measures
Assistant Track Maintenance Supervisor
Atmospheric Pressure Measurement equals 14.7 lbs/ sq inch