Definitions for "ABM"
Antiballistic Missile
Anti-Ballistic Missile; a defense against ballistic missiles.
Anti-ballistic missiles (ABMs) are designed to shoot down ballistic missiles (rockets carrying nuclear weapons) before they reach their targets.
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Advanced Battery Management
ABM stands for Asynchronous Balanced Mode. ABM is one of three types of data transfer modes in the HDLC family of protocols: Normal Response Mode (NRM). Used in the unbalanced configuration, secondary may only respond to a poll from the primary station. Asynchronous Balanced Mode (ABM). Either station may initiate transmission (balanced configuration). Asynchronous Response Mode (ARM). Either station may initiate transmission but one station has responsibility for line maintenance such as error recovery.
SeeAsynchronous Balanced Mode.
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Association of Banks in Malaysia
Automated Banking Machine that allows customers to access their accounts to complete withdrawals and perform other functions as permitted per the network access. ABMs are also known as ATMs outside of Canada.
Automated banking machine. An electronic kiosk or terminal that allows you to conduct financial transactions such as paying bills, withdrawing cash and depositing cheques. Also known as an automatic teller machine (ATM).
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"A Beautiful Mind" - Russell Crowe's 2001 film project
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abrasive blast material
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Annual Business Meeting - Annual meeting, typically held during the Annual Gathering, where officers report on the state of Mensa and members can ask questions of the officers.
Aggregator, Broker, Marketer. A profit motivated entity that acts as an intermediary in arranging transactions between or on behalf of generators and customers. It may assemble load or generation into larger blocks (aggregator), act as a negotiator between buyers and sellers (broker), or buy, sell and take physical positions in the marketplace (marketer).
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See Auxiliary Board Member