Definitions for "Alterations"
Illegal practice of tampering with the date, mint mark, or other feature of a coin in an attempt to be deceptive. For example, adding an "S" mintmark to a 1909-VDB Lincoln Cent struck at the Philadelphia Mint.
Alterations is the practice for either adding or removing a feature of a coin in the attempt to deceive collectors. Several common examples of this are adding for S’s to the 1909-VDB Penny, or removing of the mint mark on the 1928-S Peace Dollar.
(Modifications) A change or modification. Buildings and other personal property may frequently be changed or modified. If any change or modification is contemplated, in connection with a risk that is insured, the insurance company should be notified of the proposed change so that the policy can properly describe the revised property. The change is usually confirmed by means of an endorsement or rider.
Changes made to proofs by the customer. Expanded/Alternate Definition(s) An alteration is NOT a correction of the designer's or printer's error. Customer alterations will result in additonal charges over the originally quoted price.
Changes in the interior or exterior of a building, but without changing the exterior dimensions.
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Trent's moulds are very robust and accurate. They are built to cast approximately 30 units, and are often required to be altered to accommodate a range of reference types forming a family of units. Timber is the most adaptable material to accommodate alterations.
While buyers may have a fervent desire to fix up the place from the moment they move in, the property is, not actually theirs until closing. Alterations should be handled in two ways. First, there should be no alternations without the owner's permission. Second, in the event the deal falls through, any alterations become the owner's property.
a handy place to go to when you need an alteration and especially a zipper replaced