Definitions for "Change request"
Changes to configuration items can be proposed in a change request by any involved parties including customer, contractor or subcontractors.
Term used to describe the UN/EDIFACT processes of evaluating, approving and recording revisions to UN/EDIFACT messages. CR is the term used to identify a Change Request after a CR number has be en assigned. A UN/EDIFACT CR form is used to request changes to UN/EDIFACT standards. Similar in nature to an ASC X12 DM.
a written request (or a verbal request written down) by a client or other user of an environmental software system to modify that system. Changes can include enhancements or revisions to solve identified problems. Each change is tracked separately.
a submission of instructions to alter your website content or website functions according to your needs
Any hardware or software (new or modified) alteration that could impact any customer in the production environment.
Description of a desired new or modified feature for an existing application program, or a description of a new application program, as submitted by a user organization.
An administrator controlled process to change the description of a Product or Requirement.
Information source in the Transport Organizer that records and manages all changes made to Repository objects and Customizing settings during a development project.